Aug 2, 2023

A Team-Wide Telegram Inbox

Could you run your business through iMessage?

For those that answer yes, we salute you. But for the vast majority of us, it’s unthinkable – how would you keep track of all your accounts in an ever updating inbox? How would you keep your personal and work chats separate? How would you know whether your teammate is also talking with someone you are?

The answer – you probably wouldn’t. It’d just be too difficult. But this question isn’t academic: there are thousands of Web3 projects running their businesses through an almost identical chat app… Telegram!

3RM has built the first full Telegram integration. You and your team can connect your separate Telegram accounts to one shared workspace that acts as a team-wide inbox – it’s Telegram, but multiplayer.

And it’s so simple to get started. After you connect your Telegram account with 3RM, just select the folders you’d like to sync. It’s truly ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ – any new chats you add to your synced folders will automatically be brought into 3RM and shared with your team. But why folders? So you can keep your work and personal chats separate. All your personal chats that aren’t in your synced folders won’t get brought into 3RM. (And in any case: 3RM doesn’t sync your message history – it just pulls in the high-level chat metadata that your team need to get context).

It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by your Telegram inbox. It’s a never-ending stream of pings and distraction. And it’s not just you who suffers – leads go cold and fall through the cracks.

Instead, 3RM provides a focused experience where your whole team can collaborate. You can hop your teammates’ chats, see who they’re talking to, and get a birds-eye view of all your leads – all without sending hundreds of Slack messages each day just to stay up-to-date.

3RM will become your de-facto customer knowledge base, but unlike Notion or Hubspot, it’s always connected with Telegram. When there’s too much manual data entry, CRMs get left half-empty and become counter-productive. No busy rep wants the extra overhead of creating a new deal in Hubspot or wrangling with a notion CRM each time they strike up a new conversation.

That’s why we set out to build 3RM as the lightweight, modern, and automated CRM for web3. As an industry we’ve chosen that Telegram (for good reasons!) to be our comms channel, but there’s always been a missing piece to the puzzle of using Telegram in B2B workflows. No longer!