Aug 7, 2023

Quick Notes

Building customer relationships through Telegram isn’t easy.

When you're hopping around Telegram – trying to finally get to inbox zero – you'll probably find yourself spending half your time scrolling through old messages to get back up-to-speed. Other than just being slow, how are you meant to know what your teammate said to your customer on last Thursday's demo call? If you're lucky, you'll remember that it happened and spend the next five minutes hunting through old Slack messages; if you're not, you'll embarrass yourself as your customer wonders if your team ever talk to each other.

3RM makes Telegram multiplayer. With Quick Notes, you and the team can log all your customer interactions in one place – always attached to the relevant Telegram chat so they never get lost. Got a follow-up call with an important account? You'll find all your teammates' notes in 3RM. After the call, you'll then want to log some notes about what was discussed somewhere they'll not get lost – Quick Notes make this simple.

And with 3RM’s new chrome extension, you can write and view these notes directly inside Telegram. It couldn’t be easier 🤠