Aug 14, 2023

Organizing your Telegram Inbox

Trying to keep your Telegram inbox organized is a waste of time. Yes, really.

Everyone has their preferred Telegram management solution: folders, chat-type folders, shared folders… some-random-assortment-of-folders-trust-me-it-works! 🫠

But Telegram is a chat app. It's not meant for B2B relationships. A bland inbox just isn't the right interface for managing hundreds of customer relationships with different statuses, importance, and needs. What you really want is one comprehensive view of all your relationships, complete with associated context, all at your fingertips.

We designed 3RM's table view to do just that. It's got everything you need, from the account owner to your customer's vertical. Finally – team-wide Telegram collaboration. It's searchable, has quick links to all your team's chats, and is built with your daily workflows in mind. A true customer knowledge base.

And all this power just from a couple of clicks – once you've synced your Telegram folders with 3RM, chats will be brought in and updated automatically. Trying to keep so much data up-to-date with a tool that doesn't have a native Telegram integration like Notion or Hubspot is prohibitively time-consuming.

If you want to learn more about Telegram best practices, have a browse of our help centre here. And if you'd like to talk with us directly on how your team can finally crack Telegram, feel free to book time on my calendly here.

Thanks for reading – hope this helped! 🤠