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Feb 21, 2024

Empowering Engagement: Introducing 3RM's Reporting

Why does Telegram CRM reporting matter? 

CRM reporting provides businesses with critical insights into their customer interactions, sales performance, and marketing efforts over Telegram, the world’s leading web3 social platform. By tracking metrics such as follow-ups, conversations, and chats, organizations can identify trends, monitor internal team effectiveness, and optimize resource allocation to streamline business. This type of interaction reporting also enables businesses to assess pipeline health, and make data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and drive growth. 

3RM’s new reporting feature gives your team valuable insights on follow-ups, overdue conversations, and chats by date. Identify engagement trends or deviations, track team performance, monitor your pipeline health, gauge customer satisfaction, and identify opportunities for proactive engagement and upsell opportunities. Enhance customer engagement with 3RM’s reporting analytics and improve your overall operational efficiency! By staying on top of lead generation with analytics, your team can identify the most effective lead sources, allocate internal resources more efficiently, and focus on channels that return the highest conversions. Using a targeted approach to engage new leads and nurture relationships more effectively reduces time and resources spent on less fruitful avenues.

How do I get access to Reporting?

Reporting has been rolled out for a limited group of beta users. If you are interested in this feature, please reach out!

What information is available in Reporting?

Get insights on: 

  • Insights into trends in customer engagement over time, such as peak chat activity days or times with Weekly Chat Statistics.

  • Understand individual customer communication patterns to identify dormant or inactive users who may need re-engagement efforts with Last Message Date per User.

  • Capture additional context and details about customer interactions, helping your team personalize customer engagement for better service and support with Notes.

  • Monitor the productivity of your sales or support teams, ensuring that follow-up tasks are being managed effectively with Total Active Follow Ups.

  • Unearth the distribution of chat volume, status of ongoing conversations, ownership responsibilities, and topics/categories of customer inquiries with Chats.

How do I use Reporting data?

Utilizing reporting data in 3RM involves several key steps to leverage insights effectively. First, identify relevant metrics that align with your business goals, such as sales performance, customer satisfaction, or lead conversion rates. Say you’re a web3 business that offers DeFi services. In this case, relevant metrics for your Telegram lead generation could include the engagement rate within the group (i.e. messages sent and who has responded to lead gen efforts). By tracking these metrics in 3RM, you can assess the effectiveness of your Telegram lead generation efforts and optimize your engagement strategies to foster community interest and participation. Then, regularly analyze the data to uncover trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. Utilize these user journey insights to inform strategic decisions, refine sales and marketing strategies, and enhance customer engagement efforts. By continuously iterating and refining your lead generation processes based on feedback, you can evolve business strategies and expectations to maximize the value derived from 3RM’s reporting data.

Where is this feature going to evolve?

As the reporting feature evolves, 3RM will work to enhance user customization and performance optimization. Users will be able to exert greater control over their data analysis with customizable date ranges and the ability to define custom periods, catering to diverse analytical needs across various products and organizations. Additionally, individual user filters will enable personalized insights, allowing sales teams to focus on and drill down into specific user’s performance. 

How do I export Reporting information?

Pull down the ellipsis and export your data to a CSV! Exporting relevant data from 3RM can enable your sales team to analyze and share the information with other programs or software for comprehensive decision-making and strategic planning outside just one team.