May 1, 2024

Custom Properties

Properties in 3RM

Properties in 3RM are powerful modifiers that enrich your conversation data, streamline workflows, and drive actionable insights. They allow you to add context to conversations and filter their view based on varying criteria, making it quick and easy to find relevant contacts and conversations.  The ability to add custom values and experiment with different properties enables you to create complex queries and extract valuable intelligence from your conversations.

Update: you can now create your own properties within 3RM! 🎉

Customizable Properties for Tailored Insights

You can fully customize properties in 3RM. Whether it's tracking the status of a contact, identifying key stakeholders, or categorizing conversations, properties can be customized to capture relevant information. 

Properties Supported by 3RM

3RM supports a wide range of main properties, including contact status, organization details, goals, pain points, and more. From tracking ownership and lead status to categorizing conversations based on market verticals or source, properties help you paint a comprehensive picture of your contact list for segmentation and targeting. Easily select the most relevant properties to display on your dashboard and customize your view to suit your specific needs.

Streamlining Outreach with Smart Lists

Properties allow you to create Smart Lists for targeted outreach and segmentation of your contacts. By applying one or multiple filters, you can generate pre-filtered, dynamic lists of contacts tailored to specific criteria. Whether it's tracking high-value conversations, monitoring risk for churn, or organizing connections based on location or event, Smart Lists help you create digestible action plans for your outreach efforts.

Create Your Own Properties for Enhanced Customization

In addition to the existing properties generated by 3RM, you can create as many of your own too. Custom properties provide additional flexibility for data analysis and visualization based on your use case. 

Use Cases

Leveraging More Properties in 3RM for Targeted Outreach

In the world of sales, effective and instant communication is key to success. Imagine you are a salesperson at a decentralized application (dApp) company engaging with your prospects through Telegram; the ability to tailor outreach efforts is paramount to successfully turning leads into conversions. 

With a wide range of existing properties already available in 3RM ( such as "Categories," "Willingness to pay," "Verticals," and more), sales teams have ample opportunities to customize their outreach approaches. Properties cover aspects like organization details, contact status, goals, pain points, and next steps. These all come together to provide a holistic view for segmentation and targeting.

Streamlining Outreach with Smart Lists

For our salesperson at the aforementioned dApp company, leveraging multiple properties in 3RM allows for a highly targeted outreach approach. They can filter conversations based on criteria such as "Categories" to target specific types of organizations, prioritize contacts based on "Willingness to pay," or segment prospects by industry using the "Verticals" property. By taking a more targeted approach, the salesperson can focus their efforts on prospects most likely to convert, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their outreach time and effort.

To optimize their use of properties, the salesperson can implement internal best practices such as creating Smart Lists to track conversations for various status criteria. For example, high-value conversations, monitoring risk for churn, or organizing connections based on geographic location can all be useful segments for different outreach purposes. By leveraging properties effectively in your 3RM dashboard, staying on top of your Telegram inbox becomes effortless.

Adding More Properties:

With the ability to add custom properties and values, the salesperson can tailor their properties to suit their specific needs. For example, maybe a point of interest would be the blockchain technology that a given contact or company uses. Alternatively, maybe noting down a “Preferred Method of Communication” is the key to finding the outreach method that works best for your organization.

Thanks to properties in 3RM, teams can significantly enhance their outreach efforts, streamline workflows, and drive better results. With a customizable framework for segmentation and targeting, users can engage with prospects more effectively and efficiently.