May 26, 2023

Are Web3 Conferences a Waste of Time?

With new funding drying up and making great connections more important than ever, can B2B projects do without spending thousands and flying the team half way round the world?

I was recently at the Proof of Talk conference and had a fantastic time. I met loads of interesting people (including my long-time friend and co-founder AK), listened to some thought-provoking talks and took part in some actionable workshops.

But I kept thinking the same thing. Is there a more efficient way to create connections than hoping to bump into the right person at a networking event? Looking for that right person can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Perhaps it’s just the introvert in me who needs eight glasses of champagne to go up to people, but I feel like a web3 B2B networking tool is long overdue.

It’s a tough time to be in web3 - great projects are dying off every day and raising has become at least 10x more difficult compared with last year. Companies need to connect with lots of different kinds of people: investors, partners, prospects. Reliably, in large volumes, and in the right way – the one thing the space does not need more of is spam! What we need is great signal-to-noise introductions that foster mutually beneficial connection.

At 3RM, we’re committed to rebuilding the sales stack for web3, and this is a necessary part of that mission. If you feel like your company has this problem, I’d love to chat. Shoot me a DM or email me at 🤠