Aug 8, 2023

3RM Roadmap Sneak Peek

From our inception, we've been focused on making it 10x easier to go to market and grow your organization in web3.

And with 3RM's most recent releases: pipelines, chat owners, and the Chrome extension, using Telegram for work has started to make sense. Web3 teams can now actually work as a team, and the 600+ that are already using 3RM have become more productive and effective than ever.

But we're not stopping there. Here's a quick sneak peek of what's around the corner.

1. Automatic Contact and Org Records

We all know that most CRMs take too much time to set up and manage. Even with a suite of integrations, it's really hard to keep up with data entry. As a result, your CRM is left half-empty and far less useful.

First, you'll have the option to automatically create contacts for all participants in the chats you and your team have synced to 3RM. You'll be able to add data you have about that contact, and in later versions you'll be able to use AI to enrich contacts you want to know more about.

Second, you'll be able to automatically create organization records by opting in to send your chats' titles to be processed by OpenAI.

The contacts and chats will be automatically linked to each organization, and you'll be able to enrich your organization records to get a full picture of your customers and partners.

Note: If you choose not to opt in, you can just keep using 3RM and manually create organizations instead.

Manual entry is out, automation is in 💅

2. Automated Telegram Outreach

With the introduction of our new Batch Messaging tool,, users have been able to reclaim hours spent copy-pasting messages whenever it's time to share an update, announcement, or check-in.

Next on that front: scheduling and automating message sequences so that your follow-ups are automatically sent if no reply.

3. Support for email and other channels

While most B2B relationships in Web3 live on Telegram, there are still those email threads, X/Twitter or LinkedIn DMs, and Discord chats that need to make their way into your CRM.

Soon, you'll be able to add those chats to 3RM, where they'll live right alongside your Telegram chats. You'll be able to use 3RM to manage all your customer relationships across the whole lifecycle.

(One quick tip: in the meantime, we recommend you create a nominal Telegram chat for your chats with customers on other channels – it'll bring visibility to your team, and you can link to the actual conversation in the chat notes section).

4. Reporting

It's hard to get a grip on your own Telegram inbox, let alone know what your team are up to. Web3 GTM leaders need to know what's happening in their reps' inboxes: where are accounts getting stuck, are they following up effectively, and who in the team needs the most support.

3RM's pipelines feature makes it simpler than ever to see the status of your team's relationships, but sometimes you need real data to share with the leadership team. We're working on a reporting feature to streamline this process and give your whole company – not just the GTM org – visibility into what's going on in Telegram.

We'll be sure to keep you updated with more details about these products as they're released. We can't wait for you to experience them and regain some clarity in your web3 go-to-market operations.

Please feel free to get back to us with any questions, feedback, or wild ideas you may have. We're always thankful for input! 🤠