Aug 9, 2023

$25 USDC Challenge

We are looking for early user feedback! Take part in our Chrome Extension $25 USDC challenge.

The brief: 3RM will send you $25 USDC to record 50 follow-up reminders or notes utilizing our new Chrome Extension. Just fill out the Google Form (, or alternatively we'll send the money to a Gitcoin grants S18 project of your choosing! As of today, August 15th, we are committed to $100 USDC of grants.

An extension that places a 3RM window inside Telegram's web app.

3RM's CRM has the first native Telegram integration. Now, Your workspace is synced with your teams' Telegram accounts – it's Telegram, but multiplayer. In Telegram, chats get lost in a torrent of inbound and spam; in 3RM, the right chats are your fingertips. But with 3RM’s Chrome extension, your Telegram CRM lives directly inside Telegram, and stays with you as you work: it surfaces everything you need, as you need it, all inside Telegram.

We’re all in hundreds of different Telegram chats, and it’s always difficult to get back up to speed of the context of a particular chat. Maybe you have call notes somewhere on Slack, maybe you’ve cobbled together a DIY CRM with Notion or Airtable, or maybe you’ve even spent the time setting up an unwieldy Hubspot workspace and kept it up-to-date.

But when you’re working in Telegram, getting the context you need to be effective requires searching multiple apps. You have to scour your knowledge base, rather than it presenting you exactly what you need to know. A batch of morning follow ups shouldn’t take all morning, it should take minutes.

So 3RM meets you where you’re working, inside Telegram. Our extension serves you all your team’s notes and data as a window inside the Telegram web app. Each time you open a new chat, the data in the window will be updated automatically. Want to send an update to your team? Just write a quick note in the extension’s window, or set a follow-up reminder for either yourself or someone in your team. It couldn’t be simpler.

We’ve been using the Chrome extension internally and can’t live without it. We hope you love it as much as we do.

If you complete 50 follow-up reminders or notes and provide feedback, we'll send you $25 USDC. It couldn't be easier.

Complete the form here to get started:

Download the extension here:

Once you complete the form and the challenge, a member of the 3RM team will get in touch with you to complete the payment and collect your feedback!

Looking forward to connecting with you soon.